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Glad you can join us!

On this thought-provoking blog, you have a chance to express your creative imagination.

Here’s how it works:
1. I post a thought and you use your imagination to complete it in your own words.
2. Also “Interactive Complete the Thought” posts:
     I start a post;
     Each participant will add their thought in a continuation of the previous comment’s thought;
     All comments will be compiled and the completed interactive thought will be shared.
3. I reserve the right to delete any comments that I feel are offensive in any way.

Complete the thought – A large sum of money found on the street

Complete the thought: “I was walking my dog when he stopped and started barking at something. I saw that it was an envelope on the ground near a park bench. I thought it was strange that he would bark at an envelope. I looked at it closely and saw money peeking out of it. When …

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Complete the thought – An old friend sighted at the beach?

Complete the thought: “I was walking hand and hand on the beach with my husband one afternoon. The air was hot and dry, the sky was blue and the water was crisp. When we stopped to pick shells, I looked up and saw someone who I thought I knew from my past. She was being …

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Complete the thought – Red Light

Complete the thought: “After stopping my car at the red light, I looked over at the car beside me and saw a man/woman looking back at me and I wondered…”

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Complete the thought – Ominous

Complete the thought: “A loud noise woke me up abruptly in the middle of the night. I peered out of the window, saw an ominous sky and thought…”

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